¬†AWANA is a global, nonprofit ministry committed to the belief that the greatest impact for Christ starts with kids who know, love and serve Him. Kids represent the greatest opportunity to make a long-term impact on our world for Christ. AWANA reaches kids where they’re at and walks alongside them in their faith journey through fun, Scripture-rich experiences!

AWANA offers 3 different clubs: Cubbies celebrates the spiritual potential of preschoolers (3-5 year old) by helping them develop respect for God, His Son, and His Word; Sparks ignites the curiosity of early elementary-age kids (Kindergarten – 2nd grade) to learn about the people and events of the Bible, building a foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ; T&T engages third and fourth graders by answering their questions about God and the Bible, guiding them through this pivotal life stage to grow in Christ’s grace; HH56 is a club unique to Hamilton Hills. Our goal is to guide our fifth and sixth grade students into discovering who Jesus is, and then showing them how to put their faith into practical action on Tuesday morning when they’ve overslept or on Friday afternoon when the teacher is playing favorites. This program is dedicated to helping pre-teens grow in wisdom, faith and friendship.

Registration is full at this time but we are accepting children on a waiting list. If you attend Hamilton Hills Church, please contact Lori Neal.


Thank you for your interest to serve in our AWANA program on Wednesday evenings. Most Wednesdays, we will have 200+ children on our campus and in order to run an effective program, we must have faithful volunteers like you! If you have children that are too young to participate in one of our clubs, we do offer child care for 0-2year olds for all of our volunteers. Please click the link below to register to serve.