Hamilton Hills Preschool offers preschool programs for 3, 4, and 5 year-old children. Our 3 year-old program is a great introduction to a school environment. This program helps children to develop social relationships in a large group scenario as well as work on fine motor skills, sequencing and comprehension, and color and shape recognition. The 3 year-old program begins to work with children in a more structured classroom environment and sets the foundation for a smooth transition into our Pre-K 4’s class.

Our Pre-K 4’s and Pre-K 5’s programs work on developing fine motor skills for proper pencil grip and good scissor skills. A solid phonetic approach to the alphabet is taught as well as reading readiness preparation. Appropriate social skills are taught and practiced in both large and small group settings. We work with the children on self-control as well as listening skills so that they are ready to receive and act on the instructions and information received from their teachers. In working with the Hamilton Southeastern school district, our Pre-K classes prepare the students for a solid and successful kindergarten experience through an excellent academic and social curriculum.

Program Details


$150 a month
Monday 9:15AM -12:15PM
and Thursday, 9:15 AM -1:15 PM


$210 a month
Monday 9:15AM -12:15PM
and Tuesday & Thursday, 9:15 AM- 1:15 PM


$210 a month
Monday 9:15AM -12:15PM
and Tuesday & Thursday, 9:15 AM- 1:15PM

Mom's Day Out


Hamilton Hills Preschool and Mom’s Day Out starts to build this foundation in our Mom’s day out 1 class for children 18 months to 27 months. This class focuses on social and emotional stability for our students. Our loving teachers help your child ease their separation anxiety and start to work on their social skills through age-appropriate lessons, a sign language program, interactive games, bible stories and crafts with plenty of time for free-play.

Meets on Thursday from 9:15AM to 1:15PM and the cost is $85 a month.


We also offer Mom’s Day out 2 is for children 28 months to 36 months. Mom’s day out 2 continues to help ease separation anxiety for the student by providing a secure, fun and engaging learning environment. In addition to focusing on social skills through group activities and games, Mom’s Day Out 2 begins to lay the foundation for a formal learning experience. We do this by introducing the children to group instruction as well as working independently on listening skills, obedience and following simple direction. Mom’s Day Out 2 will also continue our sign language program throughout the school year. Mom’s Day Out 2 will still offer plenty of free-play to the children because some of the greatest learning takes place through play.

Meets on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:15AM-1:15PM and the cost is $170 a month.


*Parents have the choice to have their child attend just one or both days. The cost for 1 day is $85 and the cost for 2 days is $170 a month.

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