Mark Neal

Lead Pastor

Mark is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. He pastored in Las Vegas for 13 years and has been in ministry for over 20. He and his wife Lori have three children, Stephen, Jonathan, and Hailey.

Matt Thistle

Connections Pastor

Matt and his wife Denise moved to the Fishers community in 2015. He and his family have served in ministry for over 9 years. Matt also grew up in Maine where his father was a pastor and their family planted a church in the late 80s.

Gary Powell

Care Pastor

Gary grew up in the Northeast where his parents pastored and planted churches. He holds a degree in Biblical Theology from Anderson University. Gary commonly refers to himself as a “salvage man” who enjoys turning broken things into something beautiful, much like how the Father operates.

Randall Waller

Discipleship pastor

Randall began his relationship with Jesus at the age of nineteen and started serving in ministry shortly after. In this journey with God, he has learned that life always seems to be full of surprises, some of those surprises have been the biggest blessings a man could ever dream of starting with his wife Kelly and through the course of marriage their four kids, (Malachi, Rylee, Jace, and Teagan). 


As you know, the Deacons officially affirmed and prayed over the Elders on March 16, 2020. After that commissioning, the Elders gathered for an initial meeting to begin their new roles for the church. At the initial meeting, one of the primary goals was to begin creating teams that will be responsible for overseeing the core areas of the church. Initially, the four key areas of oversight are: Spiritual Development (Tom Salsbury) Discipleship (Seth Wilson) Moderator (Dave Smyth) Finances (Matt Davis and Wayne Yocum)

Campus Staff

Alexa Terry

Graphic Designer

Jaimee Thomason

HHKids Director and Preschool

Mary Griffey

Office Administrator

Debra Scheffler

HH Kids and Preschool Administrative Assistant

Ray Link

Facilities Manager