As you know, the Deacons officially affirmed and prayed over the Elders on March 16, 2020. After that commissioning, the Elders gathered for an initial meeting to begin their new roles for the church.

At the initial meeting, one of the primary goals was to begin creating teams that will be responsible for overseeing the core areas of the church. Initially, the four key areas of oversight are:

Spiritual Development (Tom Salsbury)
Discipleship (Seth Wilson)
Moderator (Dave Smyth)
Finances (Matt Davis and Wayne Yocum)

The Elders plan to meet twice a month, with one meeting focused primarily on the spiritual aspects of the church and one meeting focused on the administrative aspects of the church. In addition, the Elders added Pastor Matt and Pastor Randall to the Elder team.

In the weeks to come, we will be sending additional information as we have more clearly defined the various roles and responsibilities. As a group, we look forward to working alongside the Deacons and Staff to serve the church and we humbly seek God’s guidance as we move forward together.

HHC Elder Team: Mark Neal, Matt Thistle, Randall Waller, Wayne Yocum, Dave Smyth, Tom Salsbury, Matthew Davis, and Seth Wilson