Randall began his relationship with Jesus at the age of nineteen and started serving in ministry shortly after. In this journey with God, he has learned that life always seems to be full of surprises, some of those surprises have been the biggest blessings a man could ever dream of starting with his wife Kelly and through the course of marriage their four kids, (Malachi, Rylee, Jace, and Teagan). 

Some of his greatest experiences have been serving God in church planting, missions, youth ministry, working with the homeless, and leading teams. Randall has a passion to keep the Great Commission and the Great Commandment at the forefront of a church’s heartbeat. He has spent years earning a BA in Biblical Studies and now finishing up a MAR in Church Planting & Evangelism. Randall desires to help cultivate a discipleship culture here at Hamilton Hills Church and loves to see people growing in their faith.

Randall is a die hard Duke Blue Devils fan in the midst of Hoosier country. The Waller’s love sports, playing outdoors, swimming, and doing fortnite dance competitions at home.