An exceptional, God-centered, educational learning experience for children 24 months to Kindergarten.

Our programs also provide our students with the foundational skills they need to succeed in today’s classrooms.

Because our curriculum is aligned with local elementary schools and state standards, our well-rounded educational preschool program promotes your child’s emotional and intellectual growth.

Our Mission

To offer a warm, secure atmosphere where the love of Jesus is taught to children, shown to them and their families, and carried out into the community.

Our Vision

To love and follow Jesus fully, so others in our community are drawn to Him.

Our Core Values

Development: To help children develop mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially while learning to discipline themselves and relate well to others.

Meet children where they are and help them grow.

Facilitate hands-on individual and small group learning.

Teach social skills, utilizing positive interactions and role modeling.

Dependency: Jesus Christ is the foundation of all that we do because without Him we can accomplish nothing. We seek to worship Him with our whole lives, mind, body and spirit.

Pray for the children in our care and take opportunities to pray with them. 

Participate in Bible classes and sing worship songs every day. 

Guide staff in spiritual formation studies and prayer time.

Program Benefits

1.  Spiritual Growth

  • Students will learn that they are a special creation of God and that Jesus loves them.
  • Students will learn the importance of loving their neighbor.

2.  Social Development

  • Learn to participate in a group.
  • Learn cooperation, courtesy, sharing, and consideration for the feelings of others.
  • Encouraged to become more independent.

3.  Physical Development

  • Running, hopping, and climbing will help develop large muscles.
  • Playing with items such as blocks, puzzles, and Play-Doh will help develop fine motor skills, as well as spatial relationships, size, and weight.
  • Develop hand-eye coordination thus building readiness for reading.

4.  Emotional Growth

  • Each child will learn their uniqueness in how God created them.
  • They will learn how to identify emotions and express them.
  • Students will be given a chance to talk about ideas and feelings.
  • Each child will share their experiences and feelings through group activities.

5.  Mental Growth

  • Through story time, field trips, finger plays, and art projects, students will be able to express themselves and learn about the world, and how they play a part in it.
  • Students will develop basic skills and positive attitudes toward learning.